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  • Why is firmware upgrade is required?

    Firmware updates are occasionally needed to make sure that your dash camera operates the way it should, as programs are altered for improvements, and bugs are fixed.

  • The LCD screen of my front camera is greyed out.

    Please contact your local distributor for a repair or warranty service.

  • I got involved in an accident, but there is no video clip saved on my SD card.

    In such a case, first check if you are using a Qvia/Lukas SD card.
    Using a SD card other than the one provided by Qvia/Lukas can cause problems with SD card write speeds and/or compatibility. These problems can lead to losing files or part files.

    If you are using a Qvia/Lukas SD card, please format your card using Qvia/Lukas Viewer on a PC and try recording again. If the problem does not go away, you need to replace your SD card.

  • My camera was recording in continuous mode, but it stopped recording for about 20 seconds before it started recording again.

    Qvia/Lukas dash cameras stop recording in continuous mode when an impact is detected to record in event recording mode. In such as case, continuous recording will stop for about
    30 seconds during which time event footage is recorded.

  • I have a problem with my dash cam heating.

    A dash camera itself, regardless of its kind, do generate a lot of heat. However, all Qvia/Lukas dash cameras have gone through a strict heat resistance test and are proven to withstand
    extreme temperatures. When Qvia/Lukas dash cameras become too hot, the system goes into safety mode to protect your device from overheating.

  • My dash cam froze.

    First, please upgrade your dash camera to the latest firmware which can be downloaded from Qvia/Lukas website. If this does not fix the problem, please contact your local distributor for a
    repair or warranty service. You have to send both the cameras and SD cards.

  • I found my car battery dead the next morning I installed my dash camera.

    Qvia/Lukas dash cameras have low-voltage cut-off function. Please check your last video clip before the battery has discharged. On the bottom of the video you find the voltage level before
    it has completely drained.

  • How long does the segment LED last?

    The lifespan of Qvia/Lukas Segment LED is about thirty-thousand hours. So theoretically put, it lasts for about 3.5 years.

  • My dash camera goes into parking mode recording when I'm still driving.

    You first have to check how your dash camera is hardwired into the fuse box. Please make sure the ACC wire is hardwired correctly.

  • I cannot connect to the Wi-Fi.

    If you have Wi-Fi connection problems, please go to our website and navigate to COMMUNITY > Lukas Info where you can find a posting titled 'How to Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Connection
    Problems.' Try connecting to the Wi-Fi again after following what it says in the posting, and if it did not help, please contact Qvia/Lukas CS Center, or your local distributor for
    further help.

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