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  • How long does the segment LED last?

    The lifespan of Qvia/Lukas Segment LED is about thirty-thousand hours. So theoretically put, it lasts for about 3.5 years.

  • My dash camera goes into parking mode recording when I'm still driving.

    You first have to check how your dash camera is hardwired into the fuse box. Please make sure the ACC wire is hardwired correctly.

  • I cannot connect to the Wi-Fi.

    If you have Wi-Fi connection problems, please go to our website and navigate to COMMUNITY > Lukas Info where you can find a posting titled 'How to Troubleshoot Wi-Fi Connection
    Problems.' Try connecting to the Wi-Fi again after following what it says in the posting, and if it did not help, please contact Qvia/Lukas CS Center, or your local distributor for
    further help.

  • My dash camera keeps rebooting.

    Rebooting problem occurs when the front & rear connection cable is not securely connected. Please disconnect and reconnect the cable, making sure it is securely connected into both front
    and rear cameras. If the same problem persists, please contact your local distributor for help.

  • My dash camera sometimes shuts down while recording in parking mode.

    If your dash camera is equipped with Low-Voltage Cut-Off Function, and you are using parking mode recording, this could happen. You camera will automatically be shut down in parking
    mode if your car battery goes below a pre-set voltage level.

  • My dash camera does not record in parking mode

    First, please make sure if the power switch is at ON position, not ACC.
    If the power switch is at ON, it is highly likely to be hardwiring problems.

  • Touches are not detected accurately and/or responsive, and sometimes respond too slow.

    Please go to COMMUNITY > NOTICE & NEWS, and type 'calibration' in the search box.
    Click on the post to find attached calibration file 'qrtscal'.
    Make sure you unzip the downloaded file before copying it to your formatted SD card.
    Auto-calibration program starts when the SD card is put back into the dash camera.

  • Video footage looks blue overall and blurry.

    Check if you have removed the lens protection sticker. Using the dash camera without removing this sticker causes the footage look blurry, and blue.

  • I'm using a Qvia/Lukas dash camera, and I want to get a warranty / repair service.

    Please contact your local distributor or a reseller you bought the dash camera from.

  • How long is Qvia/Lukas warranty?

    Qvia/Lukas provide a one-year warranty for dash cameras, and a six-month warranty for consumables such as memory cards and other accessories.
    However, this warranty does not apply to any product or part thereof damaged through alteration, mishandling, misuse, neglect or accident.

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