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Dear Valued Customers

Thank you for your interest in Qvia and Lukas Dash Cameras.

We wholeheartedly wish that our existing and future customers get the utmost customer service we provide and be satisfied with our products. However, it is very unfortunate to notify Lukas/Qvia dash cam users of the fact that you will not be able to experience our quality customer service if your product is purchased from the grey market, not from one of our authorized dealers.

Our products sold by unauthorized sellers abroad are the ones distributed in the grey market, not observing the legal procedures required by our company Qrontech Co., Ltd.. Those products are not approved for overseas sales, and are only supposed to be sold in the domestic South Korean market. Anyone who purchased such products for their use outside South Korea is not eligible for warranty claims of any sort, including all customer-related services.

And please note that products for domestic sales do not support languages other than Korean.

Please check if the dealer you wish to buy our products from are one of our company’s authorized sellers. If you are doubtful about it, please go to the Contact Us page and leave us a note with the name of the dealer, and other information such a website address.


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Craig Lovell


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